Talking Primers

When it comes to wearing eyeshadows, I find it absolutely essential to wear an eyeshadow primer to help keep it in place throughout the day, or night. Now, my eyelids are rather oily, and I therefore call primers a necessity in my makeup collection. Not only do they keep the eyeshadow (or whatever you're putting on your lids) in place, but they remove any sense of worry that you'll get the ugly crease at the top of your eye, or your black gel eyeliner smudging to the bottom of your face after ten minutes of wear!
There are three primers that win in my books. They include MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Each of which are on par when it comes to longevity power. If you're looking for a light, everyday one, I would personally go for either the UD or NARS ones as they are the easiest to apply, colourless, and are more of a gel/water like consistency. One wipe on the lid, a quick blend, and you're done. The MAC, however, has a 'skin toned' colour to it to help cover any discolouration and gives the shadow a more vibrant effect. It takes a bit more effort as it has quite a thick consistency, and needs more blending than the other two so you don't get the harsh line - I know, sounds stupid, but it is more difficult to move around such a delicate area, especially when the product is cold. Overall, all three are brilliant primers. They do not budge. Whether you're in the rain, crying, or rubbing an irritated eye! The price tags are not very healthy for such small products (I only bought the MAC one mind, the other two are samples and are still going strong!) but are worth it, especially if your eyeshadows have the lack of longevity, they remove the need to buy the most expensive eyeshadow palettes - winning... Yet I still tend to purchase them? Oops.


  1. Jenessa Sheffield2 April 2014 at 17:51

    I have heard nothing but wonderful things about these items, I guess it is about time I try them.

    Xo Jenessa

  2. there is good reason for the rave! xx