A Once In A Lifetime - Part 2

Hello, and welcome to part two of my 'favourite memory' series. If you missed out on part 1, please do click here because you have a lot to catch up on! The last thing we spoke about was the end of my strenuous trek across the Andes and we are now going to pick up from where we left off, and finish my never-ending story!
A cute little bin in El Bolsón. It is off the ground because there were a lot of stray dogs in the area, therefore need to keep the rubbish away from them.
A funky, and homely tavern in the town. A quick photo before we trotted off onto another bus to Bariloche.
This was the view from our  very hippy-esque hostel window in Bariloche. It was breathtaking. The warm yet snowy weather just made it a magical experience.
Another photo of the view from the hostel.
After settling in, and having some lunch, we went exploring around the city. The graffiti was so imaginative and mesmerising. True art.
We found a baby shop called Mr. Cock. Hilariously childish!
Again, some more street art.
In the centre of the city, there was a lot to do, and we found a man with a St. Bernard and puppy. He was selling photos that he was taking, but we were naughty and took our own!
A group photo of the girls on the trip. Look at the adorable little puppy and his daddy! The baby was sooo fluffy!
We walked down to the beach, and sat down for a rest and to soak in the scenery.
A lot of stray dogs came up to us, but the only thing that was running through our heads was 'Rabies and Mange', even if we wanted more cuddles!
Just boats N' hoes.
Around the market area, we basically found Dobby the house elf! 
The sunset on our first evening in Bariloche. I unfortunately got quite ill that night, and couldn't go horse riding the next day (I was gutted) so was bed bound. I also missed out on a lot of souvenir shopping, and more sight seeing *sad face*
A couple days later, we set off on one of our longest bus journeys, and went back to Buenos Aires so we could catch a couple hour plane ride to Puerto Iguazú which is in Brazil
The view from the airplane window was amazing. The clouds looked so fluffy, and I was ready to do some more exploring.
This was the hostel that we stayed in. It had a swimming pool, which was delightful seeing as the weather was much hotter than expected (going from snow to the sweltering hot sun was unexpected in my books!). However, the hostel housed a few too many cockroaches for my liking!
There was an adorable little gecko living there too. I wish I could have taken it home with me as a reminder!
The day that we went to see a Wonder of the World, well it's actually one of the New7Wonders of the World. The Iguazu Falls - from the Argentinian side.
One of the many signs I took photos of, just for memorabilia!
A beautiful photo of a spiderweb in the midst of the rainforest. It was huge. I don't want to know what that spider looked like!
One of the many photos of the falls.
One of the huge waterfalls.
Coatis. They look adorable. But they aren't. We hadn't seen the signs, but apparently they bite! They were very friendly towards us, and seemed as though the only wanted a stroke. Oh no. They wanted food. And they were very aggressive!
Right. So this sign was a huge joke to us. No levitating. I know the sign doesn't even mean that, but we laughed about it for days! There were plenty of other signs like this one like 'no levitating down stairs' and 'no levitating over fences'!
Just catches the essence of the amount of water there actually was! It was very humid and steamy!
Another picture of the falls with a rainbow.
Myself and a teammate in front of one of the tallest waterfalls.
Another evil coati!
A turtle (or whatever it is!) not far from the falls. This was actually the second day of the Iguazu Falls, but this time from the Brazilian side.
There are only so many pictures you can take of water!
Some ostriches we saw on the outside of the falls. They're bloody scarily tall!
More photos from the Brazilian side.
If you hadn't already guessed, it was very wet!
This was a funky pink hotel we saw out of the window of our bus. Looks like a barbie mansion!
After visiting Iguazu Falls, we flew back to Buenos Aires. As a treat we went to a couple restaurants to celebrate the end of our expedition.
As many people know, steak is a speciality in Argentina, so I could not pass up the opportunity to try one. It was delicious. The best steak I have ever had.
For dessert I had a chocolate mousse. A great way to end such a life changing trip.


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