Foundation Review | Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

I don't change my foundation routine all too often because when I find a base that I really love, I tend to stick with it (like my MAC Studio Fix, or NARS Sheer Glow). I do, however, like to mix it up sometimes, and test out a new one once in a while. This time was different. I was waiting for my appointment at Benefit to get my eyebrows tinted, and waxed, so decided to wander into Harvey Nichols (bad move!) to just check out what was going on! I, obviously, started off at the MAC counter, and then walked away due to the sheer business of the staff - and I really wanted to get one of their lipsticks too! I then found myself at the Laura Mercier counter, and I still had quite a bit of time to kill, so got my makeup done... She did a beautiful job of evening out my skin tone, and making me feel better about my god awful break out at the time, and eventually convinced me to purchase the Mineral Powder, and Foundation Primer. Both of which I am going to talk to you about now after a long time of testing and trialling them.
Say hello to my new 'barely there' foundation. It is the most lightweight, and effortless bases I have ever owned, and I have had a lot of foundations! But never have I ever tried a mineral powder. This is due to so many people saying mineral products are bad for your skin blah blah blah yet I have had zero problems with this one. Both of my (read: female) flatmates wear the Bare Minerals mineral foundation, and they seem to work well for them, so why did I have so many bad thoughts on the product!? Silly naïve me on believing every single review I read! Anyways, back onto the product. I have mine in the shade Tender Rose, at which I thought would be too pink toned for me, but is however a great match - well done woman in the shop! I like to buff it into my skin with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and blend away for a while to get a really natural look. It is not a very heavy coverage at all. I find I need to use a bit of concealer underneath to hide some bad scarring, but other than that, it is a nice and natural foundation. A little goes a long way with the powder - apparently it can last up to a year - and is buildable which is good for me and my excessive redness! Along with the mineral powder, the water based primer is a beautiful product which sinks into the skin to create a perfect layer to hold the foundation in place all day. A nice change compared to a lot of my heavy silicone based primers, so it is pleasant to have a change. My opinions of the primer are undecided, still. I think I need to play around with it a bit more before making a serious decision, but so far, it is in my good books! On the whole, I am very pleased with the two products, and will most definitely be sticking around for the hotter weather so that I don't feel as though my foundation is slipping around my face (gross). Worth the extortionate amount of money I paid. But at least they'll get good use, and last a long time.


  1. I've heard so many good things about the powder and I really want to try it! I've never tried a proper mineral powder foundation before. Also, I've actually heard that mineral makeup is a lot better for your skin - which is why a lot of people prone to acne are recommended to wear mineral makeup.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. so many people rave about it, don't they!? yeah it's perfect for my acne prone skin. its too bad about the coverage though!