The Facial Oil

I was a firm believer that adding moisture to my already oily skin was the worst idea in the world, and would make my skin worse than it already was - man was I wrong. But, I was young then, and have since learnt that dehydrating my greasy base was the worst thing I would have done (well, except for the acne part!) 

I purchased this at the beginning of February - along with many other naughty products - and have used it religiously ever since. I like to cleanse, and tone my skin with Lush's Ultrabland and Tea Tree Oil before taking a good few drops of The Body Shop's Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil and massaging it all over my face, which is actually very relaxing. When my skin needs a bit more pampering, I like to take the Facial Massager and really go to town on my face! It really helps to lock in the moisture and clarify my complexion.

The Serum-In-Oil isn't greasy at all, and absorbs really quickly into the skin to give the illusion that you have had your eight hours sleep to give a glowy, plump look, which is especially good if you are like me and verging on insomnia! It's one of those products that I don't think about anymore, and just throw it onto my skin to make it more refreshed, and replenished. The packaging, similar to all Body Shop products, is perfect. A pretty baby pink bottle that looks gorgeous in my bathroom.

I would highly recommend this product for those with combination, dry, and/or dehydrated skin types as it is an all rounder at reducing parched skin, and reintroducing the rested look to your face! I have found that the Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil really reduced my acne scarring, which is a great aspect for me, and means I don't have to wear as much foundation and concealer. Although I have read a few bad reviews on this product, I have found it to work really well for me, so be warned! 


  1. Jenessa Sheffield17 March 2014 at 15:36

    Really? I had no idea, great tips!