Astrid & Miu Secret Box | March 2014

Not long ago, I felt like sprucing up my jewellery collection, but was unsure as to what to get etc we all know the drill! I didn't fancy going into Primark or anywhere like that because I hate jewellery that goes green, or tinged. It really puts me off. If I really like a piece of jewellery, I want to be able to wear it all the time, and not worry about my necklace going brassy, or my fingers turning green! I have seen sunbeamsjess mention Astrid & Miu a few times before, and thought, "what the hell?!" so I forked out a good £39 to receive this gorgeous little box (which now holds lots of little samples I should probably use up, but probably never will).
In the box I received three charming little rings - adding to my already extortionate collection (here)! They are so dainty and easy to wear with anything. I believe they are meant to be above the knuckle rings, but I have tiny fingers, so fit pretty much like a normal sized one! I received 'The Pure Delicate One In Blue Ring' which is worth £29, and two 'Floating Leaf Silver Midi Ring', one in blue and one in white, both worth £24. So overall I did get my moneys worth, and I actually love what I obtained in a surprise box - for once! Along with the rings, a couple moisturisers/balms came in the box which were made of all natural products, and some stick on tattoos! Myself and my flatmate actually put them on as a joke, you can go see the picture on my twitter (gemmateejay)! Overall, I'm in awe with what I got, and could not be happier with the rings! Official staples to my hands' wardrobe from now on!


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