Sweet Smells

After a long day of work, or University, I like to come home, remove all traces of my makeup, throw on my slouchiest (and probably most unattractive) clothes, and de-stress. My favourite way to do that is by burning some relaxing candles, do some reading of blogs, and possibly watch a film.
I do not, however, own any expensive Jo Malone candles because I simply cannot justify spending so much on one candle. I do however own many of Yankee Candle's Tarts Wax Melts, which are basically candles without the wick which you melt on top of a tea light, and are roughly £1 each, which in my opinion is a bargain! I found this gorgeous little tart burner on eBay a while ago and am in love with it!One of my favourite scents at the moment is a green fig smell which I actually think they don't sell anymore, which is unfortunate. But am looking forward to burning Clean Cotton, Fruit Fusion, Mango Peach Salsa, and Sicilian Lemon once I've finished with my figgy one! The tarts fill up my room with delightful, unwinding aromas which linger for a while after being burnt. They are worth a try due to their low price tag, and come in many different colours and flavours! So there is bound to be a scent for everyone, and anyone. I can't wait to get my hands on some more!