Losing My London Virginity

Last weekend, I went on an adventure! Some people wouldn't call it such, but for me, it was! I went to good old London for the very first time. Shock horror. The train was well too long for a place which is visited be millions! I took well too many pictures whilst there, and had too little sleep! It was, however, well worth it! I have more pictures of the trip in this post here.
We did the majority of things on the Saturday. Having to wake up at 6am was not a pleasant part of the trip. But, we did get a free ride into the city from a black cab, which was very nice! The plan of the day was to do the Big Bus Tour, of which we did, where we saw numerous sights such as Big Ben, The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament et cetera. So many things to see in London, yet so little time! A little trip to maccies was indeed needed mid way through as it was pretty cold at the top of the bus! And we were all starving!
We also took a trip on the Thames River Tour which was a nice idea, but was however very cold, and busy! Didn't help that we went on the first day of England's school holidays! We ended up at the Tower of London, and headed to Starbucks to warm up a little bit before heading back up to Covent Garden where we looked around a few stalls and shops (we saw a good few performers in the area too) before stumbling across Patisserie Valerie for afternoon tea and cakes which were pretty expensive, but tasted delicious nevertheless!
After having a quick browse around Topshop for evening outfits, we took the train/tube to the Natural History Museum. On our way to the museum, we saw a man playing a tuba which blew out fire! How cool! At this point we were exhausted, so we quickly walked around looking at the interesting parts, and avoiding the boring! It was actually very fascinating, but all we wanted to do was get home and have a nap before our night out in Camden!
Our day ended at 5am. So it was a bloody long day! I don't think I will be staying up for that long in a while!! It was a great weekend, and I am very grateful for my friends who took me around, and had the patience for my excessive photo taking! A weekend I will not be forgetting very soon... I wouldn't mind going back!


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