A Skin Saviour

Back with yet another post on skincare. It's an important thing in my life (sad, I know). My skin really gets me upset. It's always oily, spotty, scarred, and very blotchy. It's just a huge pain in my life. I see so many people who don't wash their faces, only use a makeup wipe to remove makeup, and their skin is perfect. It's just not fair! So, when it comes to cleaning my imperfect face, I have to find the ones that work, and don't break me out. That generally means the more expensive products that are without the horrible ingredients. Hooray for my bank account, but anything to make me happier in my own skin. At the end of the day, it means less money will be spent on heavy duty concealers, and full coverage foundations!
The product I have to show you today is the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I have mentioned this product before in a post I did a looong time ago (here), but I want to give an in depth review of the product. It is a serum to use in the evening to increase the skin's metabolism to help decrease wrinkles, pigmentation, and sun damage. Perfect for my acne scarring. It is very powerful with its glycolic acid and liquorice extract to help revitalise, firm up and brighten the skin. It also contributes to cleaning, and closing pores and giving a clearer complexion. I use the Liquid Gold almost every other night - or when my skin needs it - to get a natural looking glow after cleansing, and toning my skin. If it starts to sting on my skin, or feel uncomfortable, I will usually go over it with a moisturiser while it is still being absorbed. It is always important to wear an SPF after using this product as it is obviously stripping, and exfoliating the skin, so is extra sensitive the next morning so, by wearing an SPF, the sun won't damage your skin further when it is more sensitive. I have noticed a large difference in my skin whilst using this product, especially on my forehead, where the scarring is less. I have also noticed that my weird 'under the skin' bumps on my chin have lessened, and is a more even texture. I think it takes time to see change in your skin whilst using the Alpha-H. I have used it since well before christmas, on and off depending on my skin's state, but I believe it has helped my skin a hell of a lot considering how it used to be. I know my skin won't get any better by only using this product, but it is one of the few that has actually improved the condition of it.  


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