I Don't Understand Blusher

Warning: ranty, and weird post.

Yes. Ok. Strange title, and probably not the most truthful. I do understand what it is, and what it does. But why? I don't think it looks very... well... nice on people? It can either be applied too heavily, in the incorrect place, the wrong colour, and it just ruins the whole makeup look. It's just one of those makeup items I think people could go without. You have a natural flush to your face, and it flatters you and your face. Why hide that with an artificial colour?
Another thing I don't understand about it is the texture? You can either go powder, or cream, or liquid if you're a Daniel Sandler fan. But, it's like applying eyeshadow to your cheeks? Or lipstick. I don't know if you're reading this cringing, or mildly agreeing, or hating me for this. I have naturally flushed cheeks, actually, no. I have naturally red cheeks. And I hate it. I guess I get jealous of those who can apply blush? Being able to change the appearance of it, the colour, the shape? Strange. Yes. I don't know where I'm going with this point, or post for that matter. But I kind of wish I could wear blush without looking like a clown, or a small child. Argh. Why can't I have porcelain skin! God why did you curse me with the blotchy, red cheeks!? I could go on complaining about my flaws, or accept these cheeks. And carry on envying those who apply blush every day without thought.


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