Topshop Lipsticks - Nudes

Warning: Picture heavy post!

My first post in a three part series on all of my Topshop lipsticks. I have too many to put them all into one post, therefore have categorised them into three groups; nudes, darks and miscellaneous. As you can tell by the post title, I am starting with the nudes.
Topshop's lipstics are on the whole my favourite lipsticks. EVER. They are all very opaque, and have phenomenal colour pay off. They stay on all day and are relatively cheap for what you get. The packaging is delightful, and can get a little battered, but it shows they are well loved! 
Peach Sundae is fairly difficult to describe. It's really quite an orange nude, very opaque, and brighter than the other three with a more glossy finish on the lips. It is an elegant colour, applies like a dream and makes your lips look stunning. The staying power of this one is actually quite good and will stay on for the majority of the day. What can I say? It is a whopping all rounder.
My first ever Topshop lipstick was Desert and is still my favourite of the lot. I am pretty sure it's been discontinued *sad face* because I haven't seen it online or in store since about 2010! (can someone please just tell me where I can buy a replacement!?). It is a beautiful colour and perfect for the daytime. A warm, orangey, sandy colour which really suits my almost olive toned complexion. I really try not to wear it much anymore because I don't want it to run out!
The nudest of nudes is Nevada. It is almost flesh toned, and must be worn with care as it can wash you out. Don't get me wrong, I love this lipstick because it has a slightly glossy finish and makes the pout even more petulant! It looks extraordinary with a statement black smokey eye, or a classic winged liner. 
Last but not least is Whimsical. Compared to the other three, it has a more pink undertone without looking too girly. Similar to Nevada, it is very light and slightly glossy but still looks elegant on the lips. Probably not one I would reach for everyday, but when I feel like it, and my makeup needs a bit of perking up, this is the one I would go for.


  1. I have whimsical too and it's not one I reach for very much either but I think it's really pretty. Nevada looks lovely! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. yeah whimsical is for those days where my lips are very moisturized! same for nevada! need to find a dupe for desert! <3