The Skin Detox

We all know that the best way to detoxify and clear the skin is to drink the recommended amount of water per day - I personally like to add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice into my water to make it more refreshing, flush out all of the toxins in my body, and help decrease spots, and even wrinkles - yet how do we still manage to forget?! I know face masks are not, I repeat not a replacement for an ice cold glass of H2O, but it's a start to healthy and even skin!
The Body Shop | Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask
One of the best face masks I use to really clean my skin, and when I say really I mean really, is the Body Shop's seaweed mask. It is really thick in consistency and once applied, you can feel it working on your face, deeply cleaning those imperfections and drawing the blackheads out. This is definitely one for those with very oily skin, and maybe combination skin at a push as it is a strong mask to purify and control your oil levels. It is a beautiful smelling mask, but I would only use it when I really needed to.
Aesop | Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque
Probably one of my favourite masks, and most used as this is my second tube, is Aesop's. It is less harsh compared to the seaweed mask, and smells very organic. It is quite gentle, but works very well (and I should hope so too for the price!) at extracting all of my impurities to give a very smooth base once washed off with a hot, damp flannel. Even though I only use a pea sized amount of the product, a little goes a long way, and it means wasting less of the tube - value for money right there! It only takes fifteen minutes to clarify my skin, and leave my face expressionless due to the hardness of the mask. I highly recommend this mask for anyone, and everyone. It is a winner in my heart!
Avene | Cleanance Mask
Avene's mask is the lightest and least harsh mask I have ever used, but I wouldn't exactly class it as one as it is an exfoliant and you have to apply it to slightly damp skin. It has a strange, creamy smell, and a soft yet grainy texture. I love this little one because it helps regulate the production of sebum on my face leaving my skin mattified, and I can use this one more often as it isn't too heavy. It is definitely for the problem and acne prone skin, so I would not pick this up if your complexion is sensitive or dry.
Super Facialist | Tea Flower Pore Purifying Mask
Last but most definitely not least is the cheapest, and drugstore Una Brennan mask. It is the most recent purchase in my collection and having only used it once, I really enjoyed it. Yes, not exactly a review but it needed to be included!

Which masks do you recommend for oily/combination skin?


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