Banish Those Bags

My under eye area can get very dry, especially when I'm stressed which leads to lack of sleep and puffy eyes. I have found that the only way to at least help get rid of the dark bags and irritated skin is by applying an eye cream. My favourite one is Origins Eye Doctor. It is apparently ophthalmologically tested - whatever that means!
It smells very refreshing with the cool cucumber, rosemary and ginseng scent. It really does de-puff the eyes, and soothes the dark shadows to give a radiant glow as if you've had your 12 hours. The texture is beautifully soft, and sinks into the skin effortlessly. A little goes a long way with this product as I have owned it nearly a year and used it almost every night. 
I recommend this product for those looking for a new eye cream full of hydration.

Which is your favourite under eye saviour?


  1. I definitely need something for the bags in my life!!!

    Hannah xx | lovelettersandsnippets

    1. haha! don't we all! blogging at midnight doesn't help... oops!

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