Custom Artist Portfolio | Laura Mercier

I have never owned anything from Laura Mercier before, and jumped at the chance when I saw that the Petite Colour Essentials makeup case (I usually say box because it is so sturdy!) was on sale, because quite honestly, I did not want to be paying nearly £70 for something so basic, but I now understand why it was so expensive!
The Custom Artist Portfolio is like the tardis; it is huge on the inside. It can fit in so much, which in ways is bad because it means more to carry when I'm off travelling. But I don't mind too much. It looks nice in the sleek black material, and shiny silver zippers. Not only is the outside impressive, but there are magnetic mesh-like compartments on the inside, and two elasticated pouches to hold various makeup brushes (which is in fact one of my favourite features due quite a few of my Real Techniques brushes snapping in transit!).
I think my next target is to get the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation because I am a lover of foundations, and obsessed with finding the perfect one for my skin, texture and colour wise. Other than that, I haven't heard about much from Laura Mercier, but that's probably due to there being no counter in my area. I think I am going to have to do a bit more digging!
Which products do you recommend from Laura Mercier?


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