New Years Resolutions

Drink More Water // This is one I've been trying to do for awhile now. Not that I don't want to, it's just because I forget to! Hopefully if I stick to this, my skin will become clearer and less prone to break outs. Experimentation // With my makeup, fashion and my cooking. I hope to create more daring eye makeup and test out even darker lipsticks. My tastes in clothing has become plain and very relaxed, I want to breach out of my comfort zone and become more sophisticated, yet individual in my choices. And I want to also breach out of my comfort zone of my food palette by trying new recipes and ingredients. Healthier Diet // The obvious one. Definitely eat more fruit and vegetables, but also cut down on the toast and carb filled pasta! Work Harder // Being at university, it is easy to slip out of dark habits. I plan to revise more often and complete coursework tasks with more vigilance.
With these goals set, I do hope I stick to all four. We'll see if they actually happen! I hope you've all had a brilliant New Year.


  1. great resolutions :)