My Ring Collection

I thought I would mix it up today and do something other than a beauty related blog post, so I though to myself, what else do I hoard and can't get enough of? My answer was: Rings. Although this isn't my complete collection (most of it was left at home) these are a few that I like to mix and match on a daily basis. Another thing I have about rings is that they must be Sterling Silver because I really dislike the marks you get on your fingers if you wear plated jewellery.

If you would like to shop the post, I will share where each are from, top to bottom, below.
Thumb: Shop Dixi, Shop Dixi, Accessorize
Index: Regal Rose, Tlws
Middle: Regal Rose, Regal Rose, Shop in Amsterdam
Pinky: Charity Shop
Palmistry Hand Jewellery Stand (£15) from Urban Outfitters
Casio Black Face Watch (£40) from Urban Outfitters


  1. You have such a wonderful collection! Love the bunny one <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. thank you! it's an ever growing collection! so cute, isn't it!? <3