Topshop Lipsticks - Darks

Warning: Picture heavy post!

This is the third post to my three part series. If you missed out on part one or two, please click here and/or here. The last, my favourite, and very daring post is the dark lipsticks. They are the most difficult to pull off, so I do try my best!
Like all darker lipsticks, I highly recommend you exfoliate your lips and wear a lipliner underneath all of these lipsticks because they can look dishevelled if applied incorrectly. And don't forget to use a lip brush! If you do the simple finger trick, it will make sure you don't get any of the lipstick on your teeth before your big date/shopping trip/night out etc!
I wore Hazard almost every day at school during sixth form. Although I got a few off comments from teachers, I'm surprised I never got told to take it off! It is my all time favourite red lipstick because it's not too red, and won't budge from my lips. It truly is a gorgeous colour, with a velvety matte finish suitable for any occasion.
A more brown version of Hazard is Trigger, but I don't think I have ever worn this during the day?! It is my ideal lipstick to wear to a meal, or to a club because it does not smudge! It's a soft lipstick which glides on the lips and leaves a bewitching sheen. I would usually wear this with a brown lipliner to compliment the undertone and make it more enigmatic.
Beguiled is the newest in my collection. Compared to Hazard and Trigger, it has a more purple undertone, but it has a similar texture and look on the lips. My favourite way to wear this one is by applying a tiny bit onto my lips, and blending it out to make it sheerer to give a slight wash of colour on my lips on a 'no-makeup' makeup day.
I'm not going to lie - Depth is a scary colour to wear! It is the darkest in my collection, and if worn incorrectly it can look atrocious. The colour is a mix of purple and black and is extremely gothic. I would wear this with next to no eye makeup - possibly a bit of mascara - or blush to keep all the focus on the lips and to lessen the 'emo' vibe (unless that is the look you are going for).


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