Tools Of The Trade

Cotton Pads & Q-tips

Perfect for the removal of makeup. Using the cotton wool pads with your favourite makeup remover (mine's Bioderma), and the q-tips to neaten up your eyeliner, or eyeshadow. Perfect for those rushed mistakes.

Tweezers And Brow Comb

Stray hairs are always a bugger when you're between waxes, threads, or if you even tweeze them yourself. You've always got to keep the brows tame. At the end of the day they are the frame of the face! A brow comb is a must have to put them in place, and remove any excess brow product! The comb end is also great to de-clump your eyelashes!

Facial Massager

This is a product that not everyone has, or even heard of! You roll it all over your face, and neck, to generally give a relaxing massage, improve circulation, and improves the absorption of moisture into the skin. I got mine from the Body Shop for a mere six pounds.

Eyelash Curlers

They are the cheese to your toastie. They enhance the curl of your eyelashes, and keep it there for longer than if you used mascara alone. A woman's best friend in the makeup wardrobe to help the flutter flutterier and widen the eye for a more awake look.


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