Deep Sleep Night Time

Who needs their beauty sleep? I most definitely do! As much as I love a good nights rest, I do sometimes struggle to get a bit of shut eye. Ever since purchasing the Deep Sleep Night Time by This Works, the depth of my sleep has been much deeper.
 The fact that the lavender smell is so light, yet distinctive is effervescent. Whenever I diffuse the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray I instantly feel relaxed. It's like the first sip from a warm mug of tea in the morning! Who knows how the Sleep Balm works. It feels as though it seeps into my bloodstream when I apply it to my pulse points, and then works its way to slow my heart down, sending me to a sound sleep.
This is definitely worth what I paid for it. As you can tell, I speak very highly of it. To those with sleep issues, I certainly advise you to purchase - you won't regret it!


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